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Ok, so there I was minding my own business and now I’m 15 sec famous…

Mitt Romney plans to expand his La Jolla home.

I’m in La Jolla visiting Dad and find out that Mitt Romney has a home on the ocean about 1/2 mile away.  Something to shoot for photographic stock just in case this become the West Coast White House.

So the 3,000 sqft $12 mil home is being torn down and replaced with a 11,000 sqft cottage..  if he was not running for the White House this would not be news, but…

Fox News 5 SD was there, Perette Godwin reporter and Jason Zuidema photographer, and Perette asks my opinion on the story and roll tape..  bad idea, but I did not drool or stumble and now it’s on the Internet forever.

Here are the images of Perette and Jason working and the Romney house, permit, etc..

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