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I’ve started scanning my images from the 80’s taken in the NJ/NY  area of lower Manhattan and Statue of Liberty. 

While working on photography of the refurbishing of the Statue of Liberty I also took images of lower Manhattan and the Twin Towers.

I’ve images from boats, airplane and on location.  I also have pictures from the roof of the South Tower.

So over the next couple of days I’ll be posting images as I get the transparencies cleaned, scanned and cleaned again.

First I’m editing down to the final cut of photos, then take them out of their mounts, soak them for awhile, then a quick bath in Kodak Photoflo, dry then inspect, a little more cleaning, scan, then software cleaning.

Long road, but at the end they are done for good.

Most are Kodachrome, scanned on a Nikon CoolScan 9000 using VueScan, 30 meg jpeg.