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Hi Mom and Dad:

In the past this would be it, but now with a Big Ten title game – one more game. So today is THE game day that all Buckeyes live for and hopefully will always be the cherry on top.

It has been an interesting week. I photographed a family early in the week and had the conversation about what’s to eat for Thanksgiving. Oyster stuffing became a topic and that was Mom’s thing to do. She set the bar for stuffing’s to come to the end of the years. Well that and most anything Mom cooked. It was a wonderful, comfortable conversation with the ladies talking about family and Thanksgiving.

I get to finish the week a couple of miles from where we lived in Detroit. Carl, David, our dog Pandora… the original War of the Worlds (very scary back then), Cub Scouts and Dad and I, most likely mostly Dad, build a go-cart from a lawnmower engine – Briggs and Stratton.  Dad worked for George Romney at American Motors/Kelvinator and Mom shot out the flame of a candle with a BB gun in a ‘range’ setup in the basement.

All the things of the past that should have been recorded to be remembered.

So Game Day and lots of memories. Good Ones.

Loving and Missing you.  xoxo