HI Mom and Dad…

All season long the Buckeyes have been second best in the eyes of the media, part of that will be settled tonight. The arguments continue and will up to the end of the game tonight and then a new set will start. SI put them on the cover and that is supposed to be a bad omen for any team. We should break that and continue with the current longest winning streak in college football.  Our conversations would have run late into the night.

On the road I usually wear a OSU shirt, will get a conversation from someone, Buckeyes are everywhere. This weekend EVERYONE was a Buckeye.. People coming up and asking about the game. Fun.  Met two guys way to Iowa and at the end of the conversation I asked them where they were headed to.  FLA to Iowa to hunt. They had no clue as to the weather they were driving into. Would love to know how they made out or if they even got there.

Missed you for Thanksgiving. Mom’s cooking is something that will never be replaced. I don’t know if most sons say that but I know the Brothers know. The gathering of families and see everyone grow. And the kids, oblivious to the world and having a great time. We should all keep a part of our childhood in our hearts. The laughter around the dinner table was always the best.

We miss you in our hearts and at the table of life.

xoxo Ed

Pre-Thanksgiving gathering EdZirkle_20131128_EZ3_1046