Got to see a very good movie. Million Dollar Arm

While I’m sure that there is some artistic license with all the facts, well, it’s a movie and well done.  Heard a review on it and someone was remarking on too much screen time for Hamm, but when you look at this film it really has 2 parts…  getting the players from India and issues Hamm’s character was having.  Stay for all of the film thru the credits to see the ‘documentary footage’ taken of the real players. And if you like any Bollywood while the music isn’t quite Bollywood over the top it is a great sound track right to when the file fades to black beyond all the credits.  Lake Bell is easy to look at and I got to photograph her when they were doing Surface in Wilmington, NC.  Alan Arkin has the least to do and the funniest role. The 3 India actors well played, looking forward to the disk release to see the background on how they got them into the pitching mode.

Treat yourself to a good time.