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After using SLR’s and DSLR’s over the years you get use to the instantaneous-ness of pushing a button and getting – most of the time – the image you thought/wanted.  Point and shoots have such a delay and now that smart/cell phones are taking over the process of taking a picture is not quite the compact moment we might want.

I got lucky today. Field of Hero’s in Westerville put on by the Westerville Sunrise Rotary group is up and running. This is their 6 year of this display. I don’t know the count on how many flags placed.  Will get that info later when they have finished everything.

I’ve been shooting fun stuff on my Nokia 1020 and I have a class I’m teaching in a couple of weeks at the Orange Library on smart/cell phone photography so all of the flags make for a very powerful, colorful and graphic moment.  Knelt down and tried to frame for a decent shot.  Bright sun on any phone screen is a killer and today is a gorgeous sunny day with just the right clouds.  Press the button and waited for the image to process – Nokia 1020 makes 2 files from the one image – and the result was enough to not want to shoot for the rest of the day.

Just the right moment…

copywrite 2014 Ed Zirkle

copyright 2014
Ed Zirkle