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Went to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve today to photograph the falls for Exploring Ohio photo magazine. Rockbridge only runs after a good rain and we have been hit pretty good here lately. I must say that Rockbridge is quite a hike. Not for the faint of heart, bad knees or hips, nor heart issues, plus if you don’t like heights then you don’t want to walk the rockbridge it’s self. No guard rails, just straight down. Looking forward to spring and a green walk. So the story goes like this… when in your head you keep repeating ‘this is a bad idea’ over and over you would think it’s a bad idea. But then as a photographer logic sometimes, a lot of the time, goes out the window. ‘The’ place to get the photo was down a very steep bank covered in leaves after a lot of rain. Would be a hard climb down and very difficult back up given the extra weight of gear and wet leaves covering the ground, but then…
Once down the realization for getting back up sinks in, not good. Did I mention I’m not 20 something anymore, did my mind remind my body of that??? NO… but then you are a photographer and can do anything. Like taking a swim in the creek! Fortunately I had set the camera’s up on the rocks in a safe place and moved the phones to the camera vest before slipping on the wet rocks and doing a face plant in the creek. Did you know that the rather light Nike hiking boots get very heavy with filled with water.
So the moral of the story is don’t think like a photographer sometimes, be reasonable, think like a normal human being. But then I’m an old school shooter, photojournalist. In the end I got the picture.

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The scenery to and from the falls is quite nice. Go when it’s a bit dryer though. :-]