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I had a chance to experience a moment in US history today.  I journeyed into Washington DC to the ‘March for Live’ event. There were people from all age groups from baby’s to plus 80, all nice, cordial and helpful. And I mean everyone. I wanted up on one of the barricades that was a no-no, but the person in charge stated ‘just wait till I turn my back’. As I started to climb up one of the other officers tried to stop me and the lady supervisor came over and stopped him. Absolutely great people everywhere. Besides the great speakers another draw was the mounted police. There were 3 of them and they drew a crowd whenever they stopped.  Took the time to talk to people, shake kids hands and presented a wonderful image. It was funny watching people trying to take a selfie with a horse.  At one point I made a 360 video of the crowd on Pennsylvania Ave. As I rotated the cell phone around I kept hearing a voice urging the crowd on with thought getting them – the crowd – to repeat the phrase, urging them to up their voice.  Later on I found out it was MLK’s granddaughter Yolanda Renee King… this 9 yr old powerful message resonated through out the assembled people. In the end I clocked about 6.5 miles of interesting and wonderful people. A terrific experience. I hope the students keep this going…

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