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It was the summer of 1963 and our church youth group, TUXIS, assembled some of us, students, to take a bus into the South. I don’t remember Parents raising a fuss so at the time I don’t think we knew much about what was going on and having lived some many places already our acceptance of people was pretty open. I remember palling around with what I think was the only black student at Carson Long Military school in PA back in the 50’s. Love to know where he is now.

So the bus loaded up with a bunch of white high school students went on a ride to the deep South to meet up with the local church people. I wonder now how that trip might have changed my outlook on life and what I would do in the future.

What I remember:
Being asked who was on the bus when we stopped to eat.
Seeing cigarette burns on some people.
Sleeping on the floor of a gym – part of the school or church I don’t remember.
Seeing a burned out church.

I’m sure there was more but those moment have stuck with me over the years. And I don’t remember if I had a camera with me. I should have. Maybe I’ll find negs tucked away one of these days.

August of 63 Martin Luther King, Jr gave his speech and I don’t think at that time I connected the dots. Even though the chances of meeting him were so very remote, he is someone I regret not meeting and having a chance to spend some time and photograph him for the future.

His words are inspirational and I wish we could take up his challenge for unity and a better tomorrow.

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