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It was to be a quick and simple trip, pickup milk.  Got to the car and opened the door for Lola and then my door, caught a glimpse of something shiny  and pulled back to see what it was.

Spider web from the steering wheel to the seat and up to the visor!  If I had sat down I would have had a spider on my nose and screaming like a little girl!!

Found a stick and attempted to gently remove the said spider to somewhere else with something more it’s size to eat.  Touched the web to get him out in a flash like Spider Man he disappeared up to the ceiling. So much for the gentle touch… I figured if I got in to drive it would drop down and latch onto my nose and back to screaming like a little girl!

Found him, I know it was a him because he was playing hid and seek. If it was a girl she would have gone for my throat, end of story and the little girl thing again. So hiding in the visor I took the stick to try the removal thing again. Spider took a 200 ft, in spider dimensions, leap to the seat and headed for the crack at the back of the seat. Thoughts of spider crawling into the back of my pants flooded my mind briefly and I cut him off and flicked him out of the car. Last I saw he was running under the car.

I’m wait for him to find his way back into the car, drop down from the visor and give me the finger, then grab my nose, screaming girl again.

Welcome to Saturday, hope your day to quiet and uneventful…



Tip of the hat to John Grech for the spider image.