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The 4th has always been a great time for me.  I remember sitting on the banks of the Detroit River (late 50’s OMG) watching the fireworks on the river celebrating both Canada Day and our Independence Day.  And, over the years I’ve had the experience to have photographed 4th events from all over the US. It’s a time that brings us all together.  And when I say all, I mean all from all over the world.

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The country we were, and I hope we will be again contained people that opened their doors to you and came from around the globe.  I’ve photographed projects that have taken me around the US pre and post 9-11 and wondered what people would be like post. They were the same. Open and honest, giving and forthright. It seems to be the same bell curve with a couple of extremes left and right, but most of us are right in the middle.

So, take a moment to reflect as to where we came from in the past, why we came here and where do we want to be in the future.

I’m hoping that the next time I get to roam around the US I find us to be the same open heartfelt American that I’ve seen in the past.

Have a great 4th and God Bless…



These images represent immigrants sworn in to be American citizens, small town parades, back country and big town celebrations. And, people from around the world visiting Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. And the image of the youths around the Liberty Bell:  On every Fourth of July, at 2pm Eastern time, children who are descendants of Declaration signers symbolically tap the Liberty Bell 13 times while bells across the nation also ring 13 times in honor of the patriots from the original 13 states.  All images © 2018 Ed Zirkle