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HI All, with no explanation needed, it’s been a long year.

It began great with a trip to Cuba in January via Global Volunteers.

That was the tip of the iceberg that is still working it’s way around the world.

While visiting Hemmingway’s house I became enveloped in a group of tourist from… China. A day or so later the virus announcement happened and we wondered about getting back to the States. Last day in Cuba and we had a new housemate from… Italy. Cuban airport packed, Miami International packed. First of February and still very clueless, and… lucky!

March came the great flood. 1500 sqft under 2 ft of water in the lower basement turned production area. And it was ‘black’ water. The new house is the first on the sewer line :-] Turns out the replacement powerline pole ended up in the sewer chamber in the corner of the yard. Sewer chamber filled with dirt washed from around the pole. The basement was convenient so it filled. Lost 3/4 of a decade of BW images from the 70’s and about 10k color images. Yep, up off the floor on racks out of the way. Water was so high and forceful that it took the containers – heavy containers – off the racks and turned them over. :-[ By the time I got the water pumped out and had a chance to start looking around it was too late to save. Everything had be so violently pushed around it was hard to what was where, plus everything was covered in crap water, literally.

Now back to that virus thing. A crew showed up to help cleanup, which was great. Could not have done it myself. Had 10ish people at anyone moment in the basement with and without masks for a couple of days. Then 2 weeks of repair and replace people in and out. Might have dodged a virus bullet there.

Spent the rest of the year seeing a few friends and keeping to the house, plus reworking that flood thing. Had to start from scratch, again. Very depressing every time I looked at the containers with the lost images.

It’s been a long year for everyone, much longer for some. To those that have lost a loved one a heartfelt hug.

So we come to the end… of this endless year. Time to brighten up, think positive, make new plans, get shot and hopefully move on. To that end a little something to cheery to look at. Within minutes of the house a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Enjoy the Holiday’s and look forward to a new New Year.

All images © 2020 Ed Zirkle