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20 years!

Doesn’t seem so, yet, it’s been 20 years since the horror of 9/11/2001.

I was on a Roads Scholar Tour with The Ohio State University and we were visiting various OSU supported industries in northern Ohio. We were gathered in the lobby of the company and told the tour was suspended and we were going back to Columbus. Not much was known and getting a phone call out was almost impossible.

I finally reached my Father in San Diego and all he could say was ‘they were gone, the towers were gone’. I didn’t understand. I’ve photographed in and out of NYC since the early 70’s. Spent time at the Trade Center, photographed from the roof when that was still allowed. It just didn’t make sense.

I wasn’t till we finally got home and saw the replays from the morning shows that it all came home.

Take a moment to reflect, understand and keep the memory of those lost alive.

Below are my memories of remembrance.

Peace and Love, it truly is a good thing!


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