Things we don’t know, see or want to understand. The reality is there are people who have served our country and live in the wood or under a bridge. They aren’t on the street corner, just don’t have a place, fell thru the crack, just want to be left alone.
I met Benito under a bridge in New Orlean’s and his brother Luis. Benito is a veteran, lives a quiet life in a tent, doesn’t like being around others and lives life off the grid.
The first time I met Benito I found a dime next to his foot. Not a big deal, a good friend of mine and I would look for coins around parking meters after a meeting downtown just for fun. This wasn’t fun and it was disturbing to me to find it and give it to Benito.
How do we fit into this world and lending a hand to those less fortunate? Something for all of us to ponder, act upon.
I see them and wonder could I have ended up here?
More to come later on homeless veterans.

These images were taken on the Momenta Project NOLA: Documenting Nonprofits 2022 workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo © Ed Zirkle/Momenta Workshops 2022.