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One World Trade Center and lower Manhattan

As I think back to that day, 9/11, on the road with other Ohio State University people I remember the disbelief of what was happening. Called Dad in California to get some clarification and Dad just kept saying “they are gone”. Wasn’t till I had a chance to see the news and the awful images on TV.

Here is a small visual love letter to New York City and world that was and now is…

There I go but for…

Things we don’t know, see or want to understand. The reality is there are people who have served our country and live in the wood or under a bridge. They aren’t on the street corner, just don’t have a place, fell thru the crack, just want to be left alone.
I met Benito under a bridge in New Orlean’s and his brother Luis. Benito is a veteran, lives a quiet life in a tent, doesn’t like being around others and lives life off the grid.
The first time I met Benito I found a dime next to his foot. Not a big deal, a good friend of mine and I would look for coins around parking meters after a meeting downtown just for fun. This wasn’t fun and it was disturbing to me to find it and give it to Benito.
How do we fit into this world and lending a hand to those less fortunate? Something for all of us to ponder, act upon.
I see them and wonder could I have ended up here?
More to come later on homeless veterans.

These images were taken on the Momenta Project NOLA: Documenting Nonprofits 2022 workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo © Ed Zirkle/Momenta Workshops 2022.

Couldn’t Imagine


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I’ve been photographing for a very long time and most of that time I’d call myself a photojournalist. But now, seems I have/am morphing into a photo documentarian. I don’t put myself in the Dorothea Lange or Walker Evans level but that is something of the work I enjoy.

Today I purchased 3 prints from a Sotheby’s auction. Prints that I couldn’t imagine ever owning, just seeing in a book.

Walker Evans
1903 – 1975
Abandoned Shack
gelatin silver print, the Lunn Gallery stamp on the reverse, 1930s, printed later
image: 7 ⅜ by 9 in. (18.7 by 22.9 cm.)

Dorothea Lange
1895 – 1965
White Angel Bread Line, San Francisco
gelatin silver print, 1933, printed posthumously
image: 20 ½ by 15 ¼ in. (52.1 by 38.7 cm.)

Mary Ellen Mark
B. 1940 – 2015
Selected Images (Dita Von Teese and Iko)
2 unique, large-format Polaroid Polacolor prints, comprising ‘Iko – The Great’ and ‘Dita Von Teese (with Iko),’ each signed, titled, dated, and inscribed in ink in the margin, 2006 (2)
images: each approximately 24 by 21 in. (61 by 53.3 cm.)

Such a joy to be able to hang these images.

Sen Bob Dole


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I had the pleasure of meeting both Mr. and Mrs. Dole during Sen Elizabeth Dole campaign in North Carolina in 2008. Both very approachable, warm and charming.

Sad to see another member of what I would call the old guard that knew how to work with everyone and still get the job done.

Media inquires Ed @ EdZirkle . com 7408349001

Photography will change a little


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Had a couple of moments with a Nikon Z9 last night.

NPS – Nikon Professional Services – did their dog and pony show on the Z9. Very, very interesting! If this camera does half the things in my hands that I saw demoed last night sports photography will change and be a bit easier for me.

Andrew Hancock gave a great talk regarding his use of the Z9 and insight was a big help in knowing the $$$$ spent on this body will be worth the cost.

Ck this out: Andrew Hancock Z9 image explanation.

Hope to have the real thing in my hands in a couple of weeks and share some images!

Image from Gaget90.com


The way it’s supposed to be.


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Morning breakfast after a meeting where we gather again to break bread and solve the world’s problems.

Today, Veterans Day, and as talk, joke and share fellowship it’s the way American should be. A Jordanian ex airforce, an Israel ex artillery officer, 2 US military- Navy and Army, plus those that serve in a different way. Peace

Colorful Fall


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Day trip to Prairie Oats to find some fall color was a bit colorless. Seems the late October heat kept the trees thinking it was still summer. The chemistry of going from green to brilliant orange, red, yellow and even a pretty brown all depend on carotenoids.

And to explain that, won’t be me… Appalachian State University Biology professor, Howard Neufeld – the ‘fall guy’ – is the man. Check out this article on how it happens. What Causes Leaves To Change Color?

Meanwhile we went mostly colorless and just lost leaves. So here is my ‘fall color’ from Prairie Oaks this week. Enjoy!

Remembering a time of horror and yet unity


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20 years!

Doesn’t seem so, yet, it’s been 20 years since the horror of 9/11/2001.

I was on a Roads Scholar Tour with The Ohio State University and we were visiting various OSU supported industries in northern Ohio. We were gathered in the lobby of the company and told the tour was suspended and we were going back to Columbus. Not much was known and getting a phone call out was almost impossible.

I finally reached my Father in San Diego and all he could say was ‘they were gone, the towers were gone’. I didn’t understand. I’ve photographed in and out of NYC since the early 70’s. Spent time at the Trade Center, photographed from the roof when that was still allowed. It just didn’t make sense.

I wasn’t till we finally got home and saw the replays from the morning shows that it all came home.

Take a moment to reflect, understand and keep the memory of those lost alive.

Below are my memories of remembrance.

Peace and Love, it truly is a good thing!


All images © Ed Zirkle Media 2021